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TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): an official exam to assess English proficiency of non-native speakers.

His test can be performed in our centre*


TOEFL Centro autorizado
* Canterbury Consulting Spain is an Official TOEFL IBT Testing Centre (ETS: ITSP359A).

There is an increasing demand for a certification attesting to the level of knowledge acquired in English for non-native speakers, in comprehension and especially in communication in the workplace, both in national and international levels.

It is for this reason that Canterbury Consulting Spain, in its desire to widen its offerings to its students, has become an official TOEFL IBT Testing Centre (ETS: ITSP359A).

ETS, at the forefront of the evaluation tests for companies and the world of education.

ETS (Educational Testing Services) is the world leader in developing, testing and scoring evaluations in the professional and academic fields. Leading in the fields of educational research and in the development of evaluation tests, it offers popular and widely used exams such as TOEIC®, TOEFL®, SAT®, and the GRE®.

ETS Europe offers evaluation methods and reliable tests that measure proficiency in English and French, and customized solutions for academic institutions, businesses and government agencies in Europe.

ETS (Educational Testing Services) is today, the largest independent organization in educational evaluation in the world. With 2,600 professionals, who include educators, researchers, psychometricians, statisticians and experts in education policy, work to fulfill the educational needs of individuals, educators, businesses and governments in more than 180 countries. ETS is recognized globally for the high quality of its products which is its most powerful and central value.

The ETS Central office is located in Princeton, New Jersey and has branches spread over five continents.


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