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British Spanish Schools Exchange Programme (BSSEP)

The assimilation of languages and new technologies is becoming increasingly important throughout the world. One of the key factors in learning a foreign language is the incorporation of new methods that reflect modern advances in technology coupled with direct human contact.

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It has been shown that the earlier an age a student begins to study and enjoy the learning of a foreign language the easier it is to gain fluency.

The study of the two most widely spoken languages in the world, Spanish and English, is on a marked increase respectively in both the United Kingdom and Spain. See report >>

Canterbury Consulting Spain, as a centre of The College of Teacher, and in association with the following organizations: CEI El Jarama. And La Granja de Montseny. Has designed and implemented a language exchange programme that pairs up British and Spanish schools through the following initiatives:

  1. Initial contact via exchange of e-mails and power point presentations between paired children and study groups from each school.

  2. Regular Skype connections for paired and group work

  3. Project work based on specific subjects that are put in to practice during the school visits.

  4. Yearly school visits with groups from both paired schools spending 5 days together at one of our associated educational centres, while enjoying multi-adventure activities.

The design and implementation of this programme is adapted individually to each participating schools needs and is considered as a complement to the school´s language curriculum.

The Britain Spain Language Exchange Programme provides a special incentive for students to learn and enjoy a foreign language.

In addition to gaining valuable language skills it will allow all participants to experience another culture which will serve them well in their future.

Report 2015 by Tele Madrid about our British Spanish Schools Exchange Programme.


British Spanish Schools Exchange Programme (BSSEP):


Report by Tele Madrid about our British Spanish Schools Exchange Programme.

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